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I was recently interviewed for a podcast on BiggerPockets.  Here is the entire landlord podcast for your enjoyment.

Let me know what you think.  In actuality, I am quite a bit younger than the person appears in the video, and in better shape.

Here is the landlord podcast.

There is always room to improve your financial situation.  It takes hard work, determination, ambition and a positive attitude.  Life will throw you many turns.  If you continually blame others for your failures, or pretend that the successful people that you know (or do not know) got there by some sort of magic that you do not have, think again.

Making Money as a Landlord

No one makes a million dollars at once.  No one in any profession.  They make it a $1 here, $5 there, and if they are lucky, maybe $100 once in a while.  Even big banks make it slow and steady.

The money all adds up.  Keep plugging away for the maximum success in life.  Do not let others steal from your success; you achieved it, you earned it, you deserve it.

Remember, real estate is very risky.  It can be lucrative, but always remember if it easy that easy, everyone would be doing it.  And if everyone did it, it would not be lucrative.  Be thankful if you have been successful, and know that many others have failed before you.

Keep Up The Had Work

Hard work pays off in the end.  No one ever got to be financially independent without an extra effort.  For some, the effort is easy.  For others, it is more of a struggle.  Keep learning, keep trying, and keep  up the effort until it pays off, or you find another avenue to succeed at!

Do you have what it takes to succeed?  Do you have the drive, determination, ambition and attitude to succeed?

What do you think of the landlord podcast?  Would you have done things differently if you were in my shoes?


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