Coming Attractions

here-and-now-413092_1280-PDHere are a coming attractions I will be posting as I have time.  If you have a desire to see one sooner, please add a comment!  If you want to be notified as soon as I have the post up, subscribe to this page!

Clearing a tub drain

Should I pay off another mortgage?

Appliance Repair

How much have I invested in Real Estate?

Can you really retire at 40?

My Run for Public Office

How to build a closet under the stairs

Retirement Goals and Plan

RV Buying for Retirement

Planning an RV Trip

My last days at My Full Time Job

When should I evict a Tenant?

I have many more articles that I have in my head.  Ask a question, I may even write an article about that subject.  Or feel free to inquire about any topic you want!

13 Replies to “Coming Attractions”

  1. Came across your blog recently, nice content. Looking forward to these topics, especially this one:
    How I turned a Class D apartment complex to a Class B Complex
    Also this one:
    Retirement Goals and Plan

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      It is interesting. Bernard is relatively famous for something else. If you Google Mike’s name, he is pretty famous too, but for a different reason. He is in for life, so no worries. A horrific sex crime murder.

  2. I have two subjects that I would like to hear more about: (1) Have you ever had a problem with a family member as a tenant? (2) Do you incorporate sustainability into your property decisions?

  3. Nice blog Mr. NNL (Not to lock you into any sexual identification choice or anything. Come to think of it the picture is somewhat ambivalent isn’t it. Maybe next time I will just give you a symbol or something 🙂 ). Well written and quite interesting. It is a nice mix of just fun reading and actionable items. BTW, Closing on our 3rd property of the year soon. it keeps Alison hopping busy but both of us are having a ball with it.

    Not sure how you can bear going into work when you don’t have to. It is the smart choice but still….). Soon enough.

    Take care..Your long time friend Mr. T.

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