Free Landlord Forms

Here are some free landlord forms for your review.  There is a free tenant lease and other free forms for you to download.  Remember, these are Minnesota tenant forms, and may not be what you need for your state.  They can be used for apartments and single family homes.

These are the exact forms that I use the most.  If you had to pay for them, it may run several dollars each.  Do yourself a favor, use common forms that Judges are used to in your own area.

Need another form?  Just ask!

Application for Apartment Occupancy

I use this form when a tenant is applying for the apartment.  Be sure to fill in your companies information on the blank lines.  I use a fillable PDF file, so it is even easier.

Receipt For Holding Fee

I use this form when a tenant brings back an application.  They get the unit committed, and I get the tenant committed.

MN Residential Real Estate Lease

This MN lease include a Pet Addendum, Lead Free Addendum, Drug Free Crime Free Addendum, Key receipt.


Move Out Letter

Make sure your tenants know what to clean!


Deposit Refund Statement

In MN, this needs to be sent out within 21 days of tenant relinquishing possession of the unit.


16 Replies to “Free Landlord Forms”

  1. Hey Eric! I think it’s great you provide these forms to people for free. I was thinking your Application form might be a good one to post, and a Walk Through form if you have one. Thanks!

  2. have question,,or better yet what should I do,,I started buying this 2 bedrm trailer ,in Aug.2011 and have never been late,on my rent,have 2 yrs left to owning and my daughter and grandchild move in,i notify my landlord and he also has me square it away with the office,they been here now close to 2 yrs and he wants to evict because her child got taken away for getting out of the house,because the police came out to arrest on a child endangerment charge ..its to much police activity at my house and i see cops in here all the time,and because i complained on another person who did stay w me and no longer did,i was exercising my free right of speech and now its like it was known by the office my daughter was living here and the landlord to but they are shifting responsibility off on ea other ..if its ok w then they can stay,,,they were here to help me medically,i have seizures and she needs a place to get her child back,i pay all the bills..dont see what the problem is .Im on disability and get my check ea month,my bills paid on time…please help me w

    1. If you have extra tenants, and are disturbing the “Quiet Enjoyment” of the other tenants in the area, it is time for you to go and live somewhere else. I know if you were living in one of my places, and had the same criteria, you would not be there for too much longer.

  3. Do you send a letter before the lease is up to see if the tenants want to extend? I am renting a house (1st time) and current tenants signed a 1 year lease that ends in June. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      Sometimes the tenant will request a new lease. Sometimes I request a new lease from the tenant. Sometimes I just go month-to-month. It really all depends. I would call your tenant ~2 months out and ask them what their plans are.

  4. Thank you for the helpful forms. At first, I was reading your contract and did not see any different. After I had some problem with teant being loud, smoking in covered area, and fixing issues, I now read your contract again. It is very detail. It fits the situations, you clearly state what will get charge, tenants’s&p responsibility, super easy to modified. Bravo! Thank you, thank you !

    1. I am glad I can help!

      I have modified the forms over the years based on advice I received from different educational forums, and my own experience. Feel free to change or add any clauses, or even ask for any opinions.

  5. Do you have rental lease agreements for the state of California? Or may be point me to good resource, if possible?

  6. Ive just started following your blog. Congratulations on all the planning involved that brought you to this exciting new stage. Thanks for inspiring and teaching from your experience. I have 16 rental properties and still work full time. I use property managers for all of them.

    1. Thank you for reading!

      It has been a long and grinding road, but without the rentals, I would still be a working stiff. Congrats on your own properties! It’s great income, or can be, but it is also risky as you well know.

  7. Thanks for providing these forms! I can’t seem to get the lease form to show correctly, it just has a bunch of symbols. I would love to see what you’re using, as my lease needs an upgrade. Thanks again!

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