Millionaires Unveiled Podcast

I was recently interviewed for a podcast on Millionaires Unveiled.  I like these types of interviews, as I meet different people from all over.  Rest assured, the interviewer was doing well himself.

Rest assured, if you want to be a millionaire, you can be one.  It takes ambition, determination, a bit of risk and a desire to succeed.  It may not happen on your first attempt, but will happen eventually.

Here is the link to the podcast.

Prescreen a Tenant

When you are a landlord, you will hear lots of sob stories.  You will eventually need to prescreen a tenant, unless you show your rental to everyone who inquires, which I used to do.  Most of the people are genuine, they need a place to stay and are great people and may be a great tenant (or not…). The problem is, their story looks the same on paper as a landlord nightmare applicant.

Here is what you need to do to easily prescreen a tenant, save time, and keep your profits up as a landlord.
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How to do a Bathroom Remodel Cheap

Bathroom RemodelOne of the things that make a rental unit ‘spark’, is a bathroom remodel.  A renter does not want to get a place that is grungy with a bunch of previous tenants ‘marks’ in them.  They want a sparkly bathroom, one that looks and smells clean.  One that when they have guests over, the guests are not grossed out.  Here is a recent bathroom remodel that I did, with tenants in place.

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How to Handle Utilities as a Landlord

Handle Utilities as a LandlordIf you were like me as a landlord starting out, you are buying older properties.  Probably multifamily rentals, if you can afford it.  Often older properties are not set up for multiple families, even though they are being used for that purpose.  There are single meters in a multifamily property.  Even large properties have single water meters.  You probably wonder how to handle utilities as a landlord.

Here is how to handle utilities as a landlord for your properties, multifamily or single family.

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Returning a Renter’s Security Deposit

Saving-MoneyIf you are a landlord, you are certainly taking a renter’s security deposit at some point.  You may call it a damage deposit, security deposit, or just plain extra rent.  In most cases, you will have to return all or some of it back to the renter at some point.  And you have to return it correctly.

If you are going to be sued as a landlord, this is the number one reason why you will be sued, and you will likely lose.

States have various laws on how the deposit is supposed to be kept and how it must be returned.  Here is how I do it in Minnesota.

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Can I make Money as a Landlord?

401K or Real EstateThere are countless investors that want the fast returns.  Just buy a rental property, sit back, and make money as a landlord.  They think that just being a landlord will make them the riches they need to be financially independent.  The tenant pays your mortgage, and you relax on the beach.  You hire a property manager, set up automatic payments for rent to be deposited, and your mortgage gets drafted every month.  All while you play.

Here is how to make that fantasy happen in reality

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How Becoming a Landlord Will Help Me Retire Early

This is a guest post from Benjamin Davis on becoming a landlord.

Back in 2011, when I started my PhD, I was far thinking I would ever imagine becoming a landlord. Fast forward to 2015, I cash out on a stock portfolio I had since I was 16 and I bought a condo all cash. This was possible due to aggressive savings and a good amount of luck investing in the stock market.

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Dealing with Domestic Violence in a Rental

Domestic ViolenceThis article will likely offend a few people, but since I have never been one to limit my posts to only the non-offensive topics, here goes.  If you have rentals, you will likely have a problem with domestic violence at one time or another.  Especially if you take in low credit score tenants.  Here is how to deal with domestic violence effectively as a landlord.

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When Should You Evict a Tenant?

Evict a tenantThere comes a time in most landlord’s life, when you have to evict a tenant.  It’s not a fun thing to do, but neither is paying someone else’s rent, which is what you do when you let a tenant skip a rent payment.   It is not fun to see a new TV in the living room of your tenant, and wonder why your rent is not paid.  Maybe you see a new hair style, or manicure, and no rent paid.  Maybe it is a trip to Disney Land, Baja, or Cancun and no rent paid.  You need to learn when to evict a tenant.  Here is what I go by.

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