How to Fix a Maytag F20 Error Code

Maytag F20 Error Code
Maytag F20 Error Code

This is a real-life example of how to diagnose and repair a  Maytag F20 error code on a commercial washer.  Specifically, it is Maytag model number MAH22PDAWW0.

When you have rental property, you are most profitable if you can do a few maintenance tasks yourself.  In this instance, the tenants texted me that the washer in the common area was not working.


Here is how I fixed the Maytag F20 Error Code.

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How to Replace a Garage Door Spring

20160629_175636A garage door needs a garage door spring, either a torsion or an extension spring, to help you lift the weight of the garage door.  Even the most heavy-duty garage door opener cannot match the lightest garage door and power the door up to the top to allow you to get out of the garage.

When a garage door spring breaks, you are stuck either in, or out of, your garage.  You can pull the manual door release, but you are still obligated to lift a garage door that could be as much as 300+ pounds.  It is no small task, and a renter doesn’t want to do it.  Nor should they have to.  And they may need to get their car out of the garage to go to work, to get you your rent.

I recently had to replace a garage door spring in two different units recently, here is what I was able to do.

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How to get out of poverty – My Formative Years

ShackI did not start off as a rich kid, far from it.  You could say I started in poverty.  As a kid growing up, my mother and father were divorced when I was seven.  That was in 1967 or so, and women in the US were just starting to begin working careers.  Few women at that time worked outside the home.  Divorcees could be discriminated against, and credit could be denied to divorcees.  It was not an easy life for a single mom.

So how did I wind up being financially independent?

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Financial Independence Interview for EvenStevenMoney

interviewI had the pleasure of being interviewed for a financial independence interview for blog called Even Steven Money.  As I have done a few of them in the past, for other blogs, I find that they are always a great inflection of my own goals.

The questions make you think and put down some thoughts on paper.  The interviews become part of your permanent “internet record” that you (and others..) can look back on and reflect.

In this interview, I go through some of my background, financial independence goals, motivations, and some random thoughts.  As I wrote the answers to the interview, it did remind me of some of my past.  I have some a long way from my start, just a kid that always thought I would wind up in jail at some point.  (For the record, I have never been in a jail cell except for on a jail tour.  Getting bailed out before you get put into a cell doesn’t count.)

You can read my full interview here

Let me know what you think of the interview?  I may post more about my background in a future post, stay tuned.


Apartment Turnover and Other Maintenance

Apartment TurnMy final apartment turnover for March is complete.  I am all set until the end of April now.  I had the new tenant sign a lease and pay the rent for the remaining March rent, and all of April, on 3/24.  I prorated the rent for March, and she also paid all of April.

These tenants have a solid credit score, and solid income, so they should be a great tenants.  It is only one person for now, and another that moves in in August.  Both have been screened and accepted.

That is the way to do it, declare and screen everyone who will be moving into the apartment right up front.  No one wants to be told their significant other can’t move in a month down the road.

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Filling Rental Vacancies – How to get a tenant in the Winter

for-rent-148891_1280-PDI have had to fill several vacancies already this year.  If you have ever had the opportunity to experience filling rental vacancies, you know it can be challenging.  Especially in the Winter.

When you have 25 tenants that you manage, like i do, you will have tenants move out. And some move out in the Winter.  When the tenants  move out, you need to get a new tenant as soon as possible.  Vacancy is your number one avoidable expense as a landlord.

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Are you getting Your Landlord Discounts (also homeowners)?

Landlord DiscountsThere are a lot of landlord discounts out there.  I often talk with homeowners who are doing remodeling on their home.  They might be buying Sheetrock, paint, appliances or any other remodeling project.  Some of them spend several thousands of dollars on the project and are do it yourself people.  They are generally too frugal (i.e. cheap) to hire a contractor at $100 an hour to do the work, so they do it themselves.

When I ask if they are getting their discounts, they give me a deer in the headlight look.  They know enough to save money on most everything, but not on a remodeling project.

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2015 NoNonsenseLandlord Financial Goals

profit-599504_1280-PDIt’s time to start the 2015 New Year’s financial goals.  When you own rental property, and have a full time job, it can be difficult to coordinate any time off.  When you do have time off, if you want to maximize your hours to dollars ratio, you take a class to improve your skills, get an additional license certification, or do a side hustle gig.  Or, you can even do a remodel on a rental property while on a ‘vacation’ from your ‘real’ job.

While everyone needs a time to reflect on their goals, and enjoy some down time, the down time will generally cost you money, not save it.  I spend the majority of my down time from my regular job maintaining rentals or taking classes.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and allows me to buy some great tools. 😉

For now, it is time to plan on the 2015 financial goals.

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November – December 2014 Rental Cash Flow

packs-163497_1280-PDThe rental cash flow for the month was as expected and according to plan.  All rents for December 2014 were in hand by Friday, 12/5/14.  That is 24 for 24.  All units were full, with the exception of my one vacancy that I have been working on for a few months.

I generally have ~10 to 15% of the rents in prior to the first, 50% in by the first, 75 to 90% of the rents in by the seconds of the month, and 100% by the fifth of the month.

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Expert Landlord Advice and Landlord Interview

man-156785_1280-PDI was featured in an article involving interviews of 26 landlord and property investors.  All the landlords were asked questions and for them to give some landlord advice.  I was honored to be in that elite group with some other very great property investors.

They asked me, along with 26 other landlords, what is my number one tip for newbie property investors.  The answers were broken down into four categories.  Each investor was asked for advice, and each investors advice put into the following categories.

Buy Smart

Plan Well

Tenant Management

Team Building

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I added advice about Tenant Management.

Read all the advice, including my own here