Are You Still Struggling to find Great Tenants? Struggle No More!

detective-311684_1280-PDAs an owner/manager of 25 units, I am always on the hunt for quality tenants.  In 2014 alone, I have found and approved ten tenants for my units already.  There is no reason to struggle to find great tenants.

All with minimal or no vacancy.  It is about ten more than I like, but sometimes people have to move.  It is well above my average of about six.  Four were tenants I approved without ever seeing them.  My former tenants have gone on to buy homes, get job transfers, move into larger places, go to graduate or med school, move closer to their new job across town, and other legitimate reasons.

Only two of my tenants that left were what I considered weak links, and I was glad to see them go.  When a tenant moves a few blocks away, to a similar place, it was likely a mistake on your part that caused it.  I am not counting my long-term Section 8 tenant that I just got rid of, as that is a story in and of itself…

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