Proper Preventative Maintenance

KlienTo maintain profitability in an investment property, you need to do proper preventative maintenance.

On a tenant turn, you need to check items so that they do not cause you issues later on, when a tenant is actually living in your unit.  Maintenance is exponentially more difficult when you have to coordinate your schedule with your tenants. 

Jobs that require additional parts or tools require a trip to the hardware store and potentially paying too much for the part, or forcing a half-assed fix just to keep the tenant happy and avoid an uninhabitable situation.  You want the fix to be 100%, done in the proper manner.

Inspect these items after every rental move out and before a move in.

  • Kitchen and bathroom sink drains and drain piping for leaks.  Fill sinks full, check for leaks.  Then drain and check again.
  • Proper caulking around kitchen sink, counter tops, vanities and tub.  This will prevent future issues with water.
  • Check water heater for leaks
  • Check toilet for leaks or flapper not working properly
  • Run dishwasher and check for leaks on floor under appliance
  • Check faucet aerators for clogs and drips
  • Be sure all doors close properly, proper door knobs for each room type.  Hall/closet knobs for hall closet, locking bedroom knobs for bedrooms and baths.
  • All light bulbs working
  • All appliances working, all stove burners working
  • All window locks working
  • All outlets and switches solidly mounted with a good cover
  • Window coverings (mini-blinds, vertical blinds) in decent shape.  If you are not providing window coverings, do not let your tenants’ put up unsightly sheets over the windows.
  • Clean, Clean, Clean.  When you turnover a clean apartment, you should expect it back in the same clean condition!


…. Remember, everything in a rental property needs to be industrial strength, nice looking, and cheap.

What do you do on a rental turn? So you have any sort of system? As a renter, have you ever moved into a place that needed maintenance right away?

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