Apartment Complex Snow Removal

Apartment Complex Snow Removal.  One of my ‘Jobs’ is I manage the property for a 120 unit apartment complex that many of my rentals are located.  I am the majority owner, so I get a lot of say in the process.  If you are ever an owner in an HOA, be sure to get on the Board.  It makes life much easier.  

With the recent snow storm (10”), there was a lot of snow to be removed.  A complex snow emergency was declared, and I had to go mark cars to be towed, and coordinate the towing process.

There were a couple of cars that I pulled out of the snow with my truck, to save the owners some time in shoveling, and to prevent them from being towed.  There were ~8 cars marked to be towed, and two that actually got hooked up.

I get confronted all the time in this situation by people that cannot figure out how to move their vehicle to allow the plows to work.  A couple of these cars did not even run.  If they do not run, get them fixed, or remove them from the property.

There were no physical confrontations, only a couple of verbal ones.  I definitely made it known that if they do not like it, they can move.  They are not my tenants, and the complex would be better off without them.

All of these vehicles were owned by sub-par tenants.  Make no mistake, sub-par renters will make your life miserable.  Avoid them if you want an easy life as a landlord.

Gone are the days when I used to wear a bullet-proof vest when enforcing the HOA rules.  The vest is not very comfortable any way.

If you live in a multi-family housing complex, what is their snow removal strategy? Or do you plow snow, what strategy do you use?


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  1. You say: “Gone are the days when I used to wear a bullet-proof vest when enforcing the HOA rules. The vest is not very comfortable any way.” Is this serious or are you making a joke? Presumably you carry a gun too. Am I right? Maybe you don’t need one with your military training. As for the vest not fitting…. It’s probably because they are not designed for fat old guys. You’re not one of those are you?

    1. I did buy the vest. A police officer gets a custom made one. I bought one off the shelf, and a size larger than I needed. After all, when you need a bullet-proof vest, you can’t get one too large… Actually, tighter is a bit better.

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