My Second (and third) Investment Property

cheeseburger-521240_1280-PDMy second Investment property was a vacant bar/tavern in a small town that had gone out of business, right on the frontage road of a 4-lane US highway.  It was purchased as a partnership with my uncle.  We were going to buy this property and get it ready to run a bar and restaurant.  Then, we were going to be owner operators of the business. Continue reading “My Second (and third) Investment Property”

Rent Checks Coming in Already!

for-rent-148891_1280-PDI have received two rent checks already for March.  I have not yet checked the rent collection boxes, but I suspect that a few will be in the boxes by tomorrow.  I anticipate all 24 rents to be paid by 2/5, which is the late fee date.  Most of the rents will be collected by Monday morning, and deposited in the bank.  Solid tenants never bounce checks, and I have not had a bounced a check in years.  So the monthly accounting goes something like this. Continue reading “Rent Checks Coming in Already!”