Simple Appliance Repairs for Landlords (or Homeowners)

Appliance repairWith any issue, if you can do some simple appliance repairs as a landlord, you can save a ton of money.  In my rentals, I find that some appliances are worth fixing, some are not.  Here are a couple of recent simple appliance repairs that I have completed.

I typically buy fairly cheap appliances.  I always buy new, and make sure that they are 100% clean for all new tenants.  Of course, I also expect the tenants that are moving out to keep them clean.

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Rent Checks Coming in Already!

for-rent-148891_1280-PDI have received two rent checks already for March.  I have not yet checked the rent collection boxes, but I suspect that a few will be in the boxes by tomorrow.  I anticipate all 24 rents to be paid by 2/5, which is the late fee date.  Most of the rents will be collected by Monday morning, and deposited in the bank.  Solid tenants never bounce checks, and I have not had a bounced a check in years.  So the monthly accounting goes something like this. Continue reading “Rent Checks Coming in Already!”