Countdown To Retirement – Financial Check Up 06/2015

Back in January 2015, I created some financial goals as a countdown to retirement.  The goals were pretty aggressive; it’s time to see if I have lived up to my plan.

It is one thing to create a plan, and another to follow through with the plan.  On January 1, I had 551 days until I leave my full time job.  Today, it is closer to 380, with only 230 work days left, or 54 weeks.  That is only 60% work days, as I have some vacation and holidays coming.  And it doesn’t count sick days.  But who is counting…?

As the days draw closer to the last day of full time work, and the last days of getting a steady paycheck, I check my retirement plans very often.  Way more often than needed.  Does a retirement plan need to be checked every hour?  I sometimes think it needs to be checked even more often, especially when the market is soaring.

Here is how I have progressed.

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Financial Independence With Rental Real Estate

beach-641548_1280-PDFinancial Independence with Rental Real Estate.  I often get asked by my co-workers at my ‘regular’ job, the ones who know I am a landlord, why I keep going in. Why not just retire now?  Why do I put up with the mega-corp meetings, frustrations and red tape just to bring in a few dollars.

I put in a lot of hours, and a lot of investment capital to get this far, what does it takes to be financially independent?

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Landlord Retirement Thoughts

surf-fisherman-1404140686CZL-PDAs I go through my financial plan, there are always some reservations about leaving a steady job with 4 weeks of vacation and a nice tech salary.  I have checked my landlord retirement plan several times, like Santa checks his list, but a lot more often.

While I will not be without income, as I have my rentals, it certainly will be a life changing event.  I will have an additional 40+ hours a week thrown into my lap.  Here are some thoughts that run through my head as I begin the countdown to retirement…

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The Best Way to Pay off A Mortgage

paid-160126_1280-PDI am going to pay off one of my mortgages on my rentals this week in additional preparation for Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE). It is non-owner occupied, so a refinance would only drop the interest a little bit, and cost a few thousand to do it.  Here is how I plan to do it, and I think it’s one of the best ways to pay off a mortgage.

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My First Investment Property

number-39114_1280-PDMy first investment property I was ever involved in was before I ever owned a place for myself.  I was living in my dad’s duplex while I was going to college.  I was lucky, he paid the bills, and I paid for my college.  He lived somewhere else, although it was close by.  This is the story of how I became the owner of my first property. Continue reading “My First Investment Property”