Landlord Retirement Thoughts

surf-fisherman-1404140686CZL-PDAs I go through my financial plan, there are always some reservations about leaving a steady job with 4 weeks of vacation and a nice tech salary.  I have checked my landlord retirement plan several times, like Santa checks his list, but a lot more often.

While I will not be without income, as I have my rentals, it certainly will be a life changing event.  I will have an additional 40+ hours a week thrown into my lap.  Here are some thoughts that run through my head as I begin the countdown to retirement…

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How to Find a Mentor for Financial Advice (or Not)

male-213729_1280-PDI have always been enamored by people that are successful.  I have been to seminars, meet successful people, and sought out ways to ask questions directly to people that from my vantage were successful.  Finding a mentor is key to success at any endeavor in life.  Of course, as I found out, you need the correct mentor-ship to follow.  With the wrong mentor, things can be a disaster… Continue reading “How to Find a Mentor for Financial Advice (or Not)”

My Second (and third) Investment Property

cheeseburger-521240_1280-PDMy second Investment property was a vacant bar/tavern in a small town that had gone out of business, right on the frontage road of a 4-lane US highway.  It was purchased as a partnership with my uncle.  We were going to buy this property and get it ready to run a bar and restaurant.  Then, we were going to be owner operators of the business. Continue reading “My Second (and third) Investment Property”