Tips to Help Enhance The Curb Appeal of your Rental Property

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Tips to Help Enhance The Curb Appeal of your Rental Property

As a landlord, the last thing you want is for your property to remain vacant for long. That translates to a loss of rental income. Hence, you need to make every effort to ensure your units are market ready and always inviting to prospective renters. An effective way to do so is by enhancing the curb appeal of your rental property. Homes with presentable exteriors rent quickly and tend to fetch higher rental prices. If you are looking for ways to go about it, the following are simple tips to get you inspired.

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How to Fix a Water Heater Leak

Water Heater LeakOne of the most dreaded landlord moments is when a tenant calls about a water issue.  In this case, my tenant texted me about water leaking into his garage.  I know enough about my own buildings, that if water is leaking into a garage, and it is sub-freezing outside, it is not good.  It could be a water heater leak, a drain pipe in the ceiling dripping, a supply pipe leaking, a water meter leaking, a bath tub over flow leaking, or a floor drain over flowing.

So, I had it narrowed down right away based on the text.  It could be anything.  I had to spring into action.  Here is what I did.

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Should I Invest in my 401K or Real Estate?

401K or Real EstateThere are many people that have a 401K at their work place.  Some companies offer a 401K match.  So people wonder, should they invest in a 401K or Real Estate?   These people want some of the riches of real estate.  They want to purchase a rental property and they want passive income in retirement.  These people want to get rich, and they know many people have gotten rich with real estate.  It is their meal ticket out of their W2 job.

Here are my thoughts in where you should invest your money.  Remember, I am not an investment adviser (but I did stay at a Motel 6 several times).

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Landlord Tools for Maintenance

landlord toolsOne thing that will make you more productive as a landlord, is to be able to be more efficient.  Manage your time wisely, and you can be a Rockstar landlord.  When you get to a property, you should have the tools necessary to enable a common fix.  Some simple landlord tools.  If you have a few simple landlord tools, you can make a quick fix, and not have to make a special trip.  Or you can prevent damage that may occur if the fix is not done.

Here are a few landlord tools that I would not be without when I drive around to my rentals.  In fact, I always have them in my tool bag in my truck.  They are indispensable tools that I use regularly.

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How to Fix a Maytag F20 Error Code

Maytag F20 Error Code
Maytag F20 Error Code

This is a real-life example of how to diagnose and repair a  Maytag F20 error code on a commercial washer.  Specifically, it is Maytag model number MAH22PDAWW0.

When you have rental property, you are most profitable if you can do a few maintenance tasks yourself.  In this instance, the tenants texted me that the washer in the common area was not working.


Here is how I fixed the Maytag F20 Error Code.

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Landlord Tax Planning

Saving-MoneyIf you are a landlord, you are likely interested in landlord tax planning.  There is no better time to prepare for this year’s taxes than January 1 – of two years ago.  If you waited too long, and are now worried about your taxes, there is only a limited number of things you can do.

I plan all year on my taxes.  There are capital improvements to make, replacing items that may be working fine but will help keep a tenant or make it easier to get a new tenant.  Ways to speed up expenses and possibly defer revenue.

Here are some things to ponder to help minimize any tax burden you have.

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What To Do If Your Apartment Has No Heat

Rental Apartment Has No HeatOnce in a while, you will have a rental maintenance issue that you cannot permanently solve right away. When an apartment has no heat that is certainly one of them. There are several other types of issues like this. You may have a drain clog that you do not have the equipment to do yourself, it may be a weather-related issue, or it may be that you are just waiting on someone to do the work, or parts.

Here is an issue I came across in one of my apartments and how I eventually resolved it.

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Should I Allow a Co-signer for a Tenant?

Co-signer for a TenantShould You Allow a Co-signer for a Tenant?

Risky tenants need co-signers.  You are considering whether or not to allow a co-signer for a tenant.  Should you?

Is the tenant a marginal tenant in terms of income, credit score or rental history?  Or criminal record?  Generally, a lower income person might want or need a co-signer to prove that they can pay.  I understand the tenant needs help, but are you willing to take the risk?  If the tenant is too high of a risk by themselves, can you mitigate the risk with a co-signer?

Here are a few of my thoughts on allowing a co-signer for a tenant.

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Removing a Garbage Disposer in a Rental Property

Garbage DisposerIf you are a homeowner, you likely have a garbage disposer.  You may use it all the time.  In a rental, it is a different story.  It can be a constant maintenance item, it can leak, need to be replaced, or just plain smell bad.

Here is what I recommend on a garbage disposer in a rental property.

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How to Hold Rental Property

Hold rental PropertyOne of the most asked questions I asked of me, or I see on other forums, is how to hold rental property.  Should it be an LLC, S-Corp, sole proprietorship, etc.  I cannot speak to all the benefits of each method, but I can speak to what I have done with my properties.  You may want to consult an expert (i.e. not me) to determine what is best for yourself.

Here is the way I hold rental property, and the reasons behind it.

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