Landlord Maintenance Calls 2014

This is a list of the rental property landlord maintenance calls I have had.  It is not 100% of all the maintenance that needs to be done, or 100% of the maintenance I did.  It is a log of calls made to me by tenants, and what I had to do to ‘fix’ the issue.  Some calls are simple, just answer a question.  Some require an on-site visit, and no expense.  Some require a bit of work and an expense.  And some I may even forget to log…

All the calls need to be handled, and most are handled by me.  I keep this log not only to show what being a self-managed property landlord entails, but to document my adventures and see how much time it really tales.  At some point, I want to be able to leave the properties and manage from a distance.  This will give me a reference point to be able to proactively maintain the properties and eliminate some emergencies.

Landlord Maintenance Calls

Date Problem Resolution Time (mins) Cost
1 10/28/14 Kitchen sink leaking.  It was the sink basket that needed tightening.  Fixed, but may need new plumbers putty at another time. Tightened sink basket lower nut. 5 $0.00
2 10/28/14 Tenant said they had two broken drawers.  One in the vanity, one in the kitchen island. Fixed drawers. 60 $0.00
Total ’emergency’ repairs for October 2014   65 0
3 11/04/14 Tenant texted that furnace ‘clicked’ too long, he smelled gas and Co Detector went off.  Also, the dryer does not spin anymore. Cleaned furnace burners.  Gave a new CO detector for peace of mind and to double check the issue.  Dryer to be repaired at a later date. 60 $125.00
4 11/04/14 tenant complained about heat not working.  The thermostat had a broken pin. replaced thermostat 30 $20.00
5 11/08/14 Tenant texted toilet clogs frequently.  Wants me to look at it. This is likely a toy or pencil that was flushed.  It is a tenant issue, not a landlord issue. 5 $0.00
6 11/09/14 Tenant said toilet works fine now I will wait for further issues.  I was ready to go over with toilet auger, but call was cancelled before I got mobilized. 5 $0.00
7 11/14/14 Tenant locked their keys inside their car in the garage.  Needed me to unlock the door. Opened up garage door 45 $0.00
8 11/15/14 Brought new dryer over to tenant that had issue on 11/4, Seq # 3.  All worked well.  Old dryer has a good belt, possibly the motor… New dryer, MED7500YW 60 $700.00
9 11/14/14 Tenant had low batteries on C0 detector.  Husband went to remove from ceiling, and tore entire unit out causing main breaker to blow.  I talked the tenant  into how to reset main breaker which is outside and in a main box with 4 other breakers. New C0 Detector.  Will be charged to tenant 30 $0.00
10 11/17/14 Tenant texted the furnace is continually clicking Ordered new pilot light burner and control board 15 $125.00
11 11/17/14 Replaced the CO Detector from Seq #8 Installed new CO Detector 15 $51.38
12 11/25/14 Tenant texted that she received a notice from UPS.  Upon tracking the number, a different tenant had picked it up.  Did I know the tenant? UPS delivered notice to incorrect apartment.  Proper tenants received the notice and picked it up. 5 $0.00
13 11/27/14 Tenant texted the furnace is continually clicking and would not start.  Later, furnace was working fine. Cleaned pilot light connections.  No result.  Had a furnace guy come over and see what he thought. He tried a few things.  Furnace seemed to be working. 30 $45.00
  Total ’emergency’ Repairs for November 2014   300 $941.38
14 12/01/14 Tenant texted the furnace from #13 is not working again. Replaced ground wire to pilot light hood.   Verified connection.  Ordered parts. 30 $125.00
15 12/01/14 Tenant texted that they broke their key off in the door lock. I advised them to call a locksmith as I could not be there for a couple of hours.  It costs them (not me) $200.  I replaced the lock with an extra one I had after locksmith drilled it out. 30 $45.00
16 12/02/14 Tenant texted that furnace was not heating up too well.  She thought that the hot water lines needed to be bled. 5 $0.00
17 12/04/14 Purged air from water lines on hot water heat furnace from Seq #17 30 $0.00
18 12/04/14 Replaced furnace control module with parts ordered previously 30
19 12/07/14 Tenant texted me about water in common area.  He also needed some forms filled out for economic assistance Stopped by an fill out forms.  Saw water leak, purchased new hot water heater. 15 $280.00
20 12/08/14 Replaced hot water heater from Seq #19 120 $0.00
Total ’emergency’ Repairs for December 2014   260 $450.00

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