Landlords in Homeowners Associations

police-man-306848_1280-PDLandlords in Homeowners Associations are a joy to some, and a pariah to others.  I own multiple properties in a Homeowners Association (HOA).  People love HOAs, or hate them.  Often, it is real estate investors that hate the HOAs.

If an investor buys property in a homeowner association, they have effectively signed a contract with the HOA.  They have agreed to abide buy the Declarations, bylaws, rules and regulations.  If they do not like the contract, they can attempt to change it.  Once thing they cannot do, is violate it.

As president of my HOA, I have had some challenges with investors.  For some reason, after they have purchased property in our HOA, they think they know more than the HOA Board does.  They very well might, but there are still rules to follow.

I am always intrigued by these investors who buy a property in a HOA. They buy a property because it was priced right, looked to be in a great area, and had the potential for profit. Unfortunately, some of the investors I have come across did not understand HOAs, did not read the rules, or did not think the HOA would enforce the rules. They were interested in their own profit, at the expense of the other investors.

I am sure that they have a few HOA horror stories of their own, after they violated our rules.

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2 Replies to “Landlords in Homeowners Associations”

  1. Even if I don’t own an investment property, I still don’t want to own a house that have an HOA due. I’m a bit on the “hillbilly” side, I want to have my space, my land, my yard, … following the rule when you’re on your own property is crazy!! I want to grow whatever I want on my yard (within the law), I don’t have to keep nice grass if I don’t want to, I want to have tall fend if I want to, basically, what is the American Dream!

    I caught an episode on the Duck Dynasty, the guy was burning leaves (I’m not pro of burning leaves) on his yard. He was living in a nice neighborhood with HOA and they fined him. And he freaked out!! Went off on HOA, and lost!

    HOA is for someone who wants to have their yard maintain immaculately, flowers a long the closed gates, community swimming pool, etc. HOA rules override local, State and Fed rules when they can claim monetary damages from an unruly homeowner. I don’t like that, so when I buy a house, I stay away from and HOA, stay away from condos, and townhouse.

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      HOAs are not for everyone. In my case, imagine an apartment complex without any tenant screening. The tenants were freshly out of prison, or soon to go in. Lots of fights, drugs, shootings. If not for the HOA, the place would be worthless by now.

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