Your Complete Guide to Effectively Handling Tenant Evictions

homeless-589826_1280-PDIf you have been a landlord for any length of time at all, the topic of tenant evictions is on your mind on a continual basis. If you have been doing the right things with your tenant screening, tenant evictions are  on your mind a lot less. If you need the rent to pay the mortgage on the rental or you will lose it, you are praying every week it doesn’t ever come to that.

No matter how well you screen tenants, no matter how great your tenants are, you will at some point be in the position where you may have to evict. Divorces happen, deaths happen, people get laid off and people have friends that cause a ruckus so large you have to do something.

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2 Replies to “Your Complete Guide to Effectively Handling Tenant Evictions”

  1. My comment doesn’t have anything to do with your recent blog, however it was interesting to read. No my question is would you ever allow anyone to put anything ie a fence, a driveway or maybe even a walkway. I would appreciate your comments. Thank you for your blog.

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      If it would add permanent value to the property, then probably yes. If it was for the convenience of the tenant, and needed to be removed after they left, I would need a large enough deposit to remove it.

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