Shout Out and Thanks to Fellow Bloggers

thank-you-394180_1280-PDThis is a Shout Out and Thanks to Fellow Bloggers

I have received a lot of help from fellow bloggers who have been a large part of my success in Blogging.  I am not sure of the definition of success in blogging, but you do not have to be profitable to be successfully, at least in my mind.

I started reading several blogs over the past year; it is probably actually several hundred…  I have received some excellent advice on blogging, financial independence and help on all sorts of topics.  Several bloggers have reached out to me with advice and help for my own blog, which is always appreciated.  They have listed me on their sites, hosted a guest blog post from myself, and have genuinely been a source of inspiration.

If I have missed your helpful contributions to myself, I apologize.  There are so many.  If I was giving an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, I would probably miss many too.

I started this blog with the intentions of just posting a few tips on landlording.  These are topics that have helped me over the years.  If I can help one landlord save several thousands of dollars (and I get a brief acknowledgement), it will be worth it.

J Money at  He was the one who initially alerted me to a Malware issue on my blog.   Although I was not able to track it down right away, I was eventually able to clean my site up.  I was very new to blogging and WordPress at the time, and I would never have thought that anyone would attempt to hack my blog.  He also helped confirm the fix after it was in.


J Money has listed my blog on his site which helped lead me to a new record number of hits on my blog at that time.

My article on finding a mentor was highlighted on his page on a Collection of Awesome Money Articles 

He is scheduled to come out to MN in August, I hope that I get a chance to meet him.


Mom @ Three is Plenty  was also one who alerted me about the Malware issue.  I was very new at that time; I initially thought everyone else had the issue, not me…


David Carlson at Young Adult Money  has helped considerably.  He and I have swapped emails several times.  I have given him some remodeling advice and he has helped promote my blog on his weekly roundups.

Dave actually lives not too far away from my own home, probably less than 20 miles.  At some point, we may get a chance to meet up.


Mr 1500 Days at 1500days recently posted my 10 questions article.  It was actually more than 10 questions, and was fun to write and think about the answers as I wrote them.  As any post generates more hits to my blogs, this one created the highest and second highest amount of hits on my blog.


Harry at YourPFPro featured one of my articles about my Ultimate Side hustle, at

Harry has also swapped several emails and given me some great advice over the past few months.


Kim at Eyes On The Dollar was my first post as a guest writer on another bloggers site.  I scrambled to write the post, re-read it several times, and after it was posted I wanted to re-write it again.  It was a great first experience and I thank her for it.


Jay at FiFighter was one of my first actual blog comments I ever posted.  My own blog was not even up, and he was an inspiration to getting my own blog going.  I am not always on board with his level of risk in RE, but it seems to be working for him.  I wish I had the guts he does.


Deb at DebtDebs listed me as one of her favorite blogs in an interview at  She was also instrumental in motivating me to get a twitter account.


BiggerPockets has been a great help as I post there quite regularly.  The folks at Zillow are also going to be featuring an article at some point.

In addition to the above, the following folks have listed me as one of their favorite bloggers.  Thank you for that!  If you have me listed on your site and I am unaware of it, please drop me a line.

Money Mini Blog

CNA Finance

Living Rich Cheaply

Happy Later

Pay Off My Rentals


18 Replies to “Shout Out and Thanks to Fellow Bloggers”

    1. I am glad I have helped too! Now if I knew what I do now at your age… The internet is a great source of knowledge, each generation will have the leg up on the previous generation. But remember, while the information is faster and better, the laws of physics and finances still apply. You cannot compound money any faster today with the same inputs as yesterday.

  1. Thanks, Eric! You’re welcome and well deserved. Now having just switched from and self-hosted word press I’m paranoid about the malware thing. 🙁 Going to check it out now!

  2. Eric, my friend,

    When I list a favorite blogger I have no expectations that he/she might reciprocate. Thanks for adding me to your list. I think my blog fills a niche (if the Google status search results mean anything). Looking forward to following your up and coming blogger status and success!

  3. Hey thanks a ton for mentioning me! I really appreciate all your comments over the past few months and your advice has been invaluable. Still not sure if I’m up for cutting the landscaping bricks, though 😉 We’ll see…it’s getting closer to the time when I would take on that project, or else I’ll have to wait until next Spring. Might be better for the finances to wait, but we’ll see.

    Great to see your blog succeeding. You clearly have some good information to share and people are loving it.

    1. You are welcome. You have helped me immensely too. It’s only July, but you are correct, it will not be long before it starts to get cold. Today was the first 90 degree day since last September 13…, almost a year ago.

  4. I truly believe the best way to financial independence is through real estate, so I’m happy to read a like minded blogger, who is a few years ahead in the journey with some great lessons from all of your experience. Thank you.

  5. I’m so honored to have you guest post. What you’ve done with real estate is the dream of all of us amateur landlords. I’ve already gotten some great tips here and I’m sure there will be many more to come.

    1. The difference between an amateur and a professional landlord is not much. Every new tenant teaches me something, typically something I did not want to learn… I will always have a fond spot for your blog, you were my first!

    1. It took about 3-4 days, but I believe it would have been much faster if I would have just installed Wordfence. Wordfence is able to restore the base WordPress files that are corrupt. I was very hesitant about restoring the database and losing all my previous posts, but I did not lose any.

      The most frustrating part is Google flagged me, and as a new blog I think people might have thought I was a scammer and avoided my site.

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