A Week in the Life of a Landlord – 2014-03-16

painting-24439_1280-PDA Week in the Life…

What is it really like to follow me in my footsteps?  Keep in mind, every day began with my real job, from ~8-~5.  This is somewhat is a typical week, maybe even a bit slower than most.  Follow me in a week in the life of a landlord.


I wrote about this day in a previous post.


Fixed the sink drain leak, I did not do a 100% job.  I had to go back on Wednesday.  Grrr.

I wrote some about this day in a previous post.


An HOA board meeting.  I texted a few Board members to remind them.  There was a bit of prep making and printing the agendas and supporting documents.  Reserving the room for the next meeting in May.  The owner that is in foreclosure was present; I gave her a few minutes to speak, and then asked her to leave.  We approved a few routine items in regards to vehicle rules.  I met with another owner for dinner after the meeting.

Once I got home, I updated the Association’s web page based on our Board discussions.

The gas leak was unsubstantiated.  The tenant said “It must have been across the street, as no smell was detected”.  I suspect the stove got bumped and the gas turned on.  Maybe it was the kids?

I ordered some snow plow electrical parts to replace when the weather gets warmer.  Some preventative maintenance never hurts.  Total $33.90.


Plowed snow from ~3AM until just after 6 AM.  The snow moved well, typically it takes a bit longer.  I fixed the sink drain I repaired (again) on Monday.  There was an additional part that needed tightening.  Note to self:  ALWAYS do it right the first time…  I called in a barrel to the garbage company for the HOA to get it replaced.

A car was parked in front of the mailbox in the HOA.  I texted a picture of it to the owners, so they could get their tenants to move the car before I called a towing company.  It was moved by the next AM.  We will be putting up signs in the future to prevent that.

I sent a lease to the collection company for a previous tenant that moved out.  She left early due to a divorce/attempted suicide issue, and did not give proper notice.  I billed her a bit over $500 due to the move, and not cleaning well.  The collection company can handle the collection of the $500.  Likely I will never see it, she was my weakest link in my properties.  Credit score, ~530.

Talked to the city about my West St Paul tenants that have an extra car they are ‘fixing’ for a friend.  It has expired plates from over a year ago and does not run.  I told my tenants to remove the car several times already.  The city will issue an ordinance violation and tow the car in 10 days.  They can be the bad guys, not me.

One of my tenants texted me that the coin change ate his dollar bill.  I stopped over and cleared out the bill land gave him 4-quarters.

Found a malware virus on my blog, started to clean it.


The Maytag washer got fixed.  It was the circuit board.  The part was under warranty, but the labor might not have been.  So far, I have not been charged anything to the card I have on file.

I received a check for my Section 8 tenant from the county for $107.50, the tenant’s share of the rent.  That was the last check for March, and it included an $8.50 late fee.

Sent a text to my new tenants reminding them it was recycle day tomorrow.  It is their first week in the place.  The previous tenant had left some toys outside that were frozen in the snow.  They took what they wanted, and said I could pick up the rest to dispose of.

Found a malware virus on my blog, continued to clean it.


Reminded my tenants to sign the lease I dropped off on Monday.  He is out if town and will do it when he gets back in.  Sent the deposit refund back to the tenants that just moved out.

I ordered some No Parking signs for our apartment complex.  Almost $1200, but the HOA pays, not me.

Received the letter from the City regarding my tenants car in violation of the dead-car ordinance.  That process is on autopilot.  The tenants should have also received the letter.

After checking the weather, I decided that I could unload the 750 lbs of block in the back of my truck that I use for ballast.  That weight offsets the plow weight and give better traction in the snow.  I may have to load it back in, hopefully not.

Found a malware virus on my blog, finally cleaned it!


Scheduled the Visa bills to be paid in full.  One is auto pay, one is manual.  Total ~$3,000 for the month, mostly business expenses.  Diesel, meals and entertainment, supplies, etc. Picked up $46.36 in rewards on one card, and another $29.41 on the other card.  Total of $75.77 for the month, a blended rate of 2.4%.  The banks are not making much on me.  3% cash back at gas stations, hardware and home improvement stores.   The other card is 5% back at dining. Both cards are 1% everywhere else.

Bank balance is still in the black!  Normally I stretch the money a bit thin, as I have been paying off short term home equity loans that I used to purchased property with, and keep the bank balance to the minimum.  It is in the red sometimes, on paper.  No more HE loan, no more personal home mortgage loan.

Plan on picking up the toys left behind and prepping for some other projects to make my life easier around the apartments.  I need to replace the braided stainless steel hot water heater hookups with Pex.  I also need to pick up some supplies to make a closet under the stairs of a few buildings.  A door and Sheetrock for the first closet.

I changed a light bulb in the common area for one of the apartment buildings.  I dropped off some bulbs so I would have some for next time.

And that’s about all I can remember…

What was your week in the life of a landlord like?  Or just what was your week like?

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  1. Wow, sounds like never a dull moment for you! I am only a landlord to my brother who lives in our basement, so there is never much to do; all that we do around the house is our own maintenance, since we are the ones that use the yard and deck. I couldn’t imagine working full time (more than full time in your case) AND then also having a whole bunch of landlord duties. Kudos!

    1. Thank you for visiting!

      It definitely keeps me busy, especially after I just purchase a new property. But once they are full, it’s back to working half days, only 12 hours. I skip a bunch of the work around my own house. I just figure that is the ‘green’ thing to do. Let the grass grow a bit longer and let the leaves compost where mother nature let them fall.

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