My Rental Strategy And Property Management

chess-335142_1280-PDI recently did a guest post for Kim at Eyes On The Dollar.  Kim is a private practice Optometrist and a personal financial blogger.  She has some great tips for financial independence and getting out of debt.  She is not someone who just says “Spend less, pay bill”, she actually experienced the thrill of paying off over $30K worth of credit card debt!

Here is the link to the post regarding my Rental Strategy.  I hope you like it.

There are many so called RE investors that pretend to cash flow, and they are not calculating any of the soft expenses.  Management, Vacancy and Maintenance are the big three.  Maintenance being a thing you can put off, and see profit, but it is in actuality deferred maintenance.   I allocate 10% of rents towards maintenance in my budgets, 5% for vacancy, and 7% for management.   And I expect ~15% ROI if I make the purchase.

All investors MUST have a rental strategy if they are going to be profitable.  My net worth went up considerably after I started investing in rental property, and it continues to climb.  My income, already decent, went up by over double.

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