A Day in the Life … Busy Weekend

896WescottSq-201 018The weekend started pretty well.  I finished up a few things in the apartment that I was turning over.  The tenants were scheduled to arrive at 12 noon, so I had some time to do a virtual tour and a final once over. 

There were also two sliding patio door handles that needed replacement.  I had ordered new ones as the locks were broken on the old ones.  The new handles had just arrived the night before; I am glad I ordered those 10 days ago, and not 9…

The tenants showed up, and all was well.  I had never met them, and they had never seen the apartment before this.  On paper they looked great, as in person they did too.  I always worry about renting to someone who looks great on paper, and turns out to be a psychopath, or just a real creepy weirdo that scare all of the other people in the building away…  I worry also that they were expecting the Taj Mahal and think they are getting a tent.

So, I collected the remaining portion of the security deposit and rent from the new tenants.  They told me they already contacted the utility companies to switch the utilities in their name.  I loaded the remaining cleaning supplies and tools items that I had at the property into my truck and left.  It was a successful Saturday by anyone’s definition.

To make it even more successful, one of my tenants whose lease was up on 4/1 texted me and said he wanted to renew.  Perfect!

On Sunday evening, I was at home relaxing and just looking over some blog stuff, HOA stuff, and some financial planning.  I got a text from an upper unit tenant that said “Pipe under sink broke and we have a lot of water we are cleaning up.  Heads up for the neighbor downstairs in case it leaks through”.  Yikes!  So goes a day in the life of a landlord.

The tenant said he fixed the pipe and all was well.  I told him I would look at it Monday after work.  Water is something you never want to leave to chance.

About 10 minutes later, I get a text from a different tenant that said “The washer is not working”.  The main common area washer had the entire display panel messages lit up.  There was a problem.  It is a Maytag front load, coin op machine.  The amount is set to $0, so my tenants have a solid washer, and it is free.

In this building, I have a common washer, and a washer in the individual unit.  The washer in the unit is a vent-less washer/dryer combo, so it sucks.  She also said that that machine was leaking when she tried it.  I have been replacing these combo units with ‘real’ machines as tenants move out.

Kitchen drain pipes

Monday, I did some troubleshooting on the washer, and realized it was probably a computer board, so I called the repair place.  The machine has a 5-year parts warranty, so only the labor is at issue.  I could have swapped a circuit board with a different washer to do additional troubleshooting, but I am out of time at this point with the things I have in motion, including plowing the coming snow.

I dropped off leases to the tenant’s that wanted to re-sign.  I placed my key stickers on the new tenant’s doors.  I had a post previously about how I do my keys.  I looked at the kitchen sink that was leaking.  The plastic pipe had some lose, but the tenant did an OK job of fixing it.  I re-tightened it to make sure.

All in the life of a landlord!

Do you manage any property?  Have a hectic day with your own house?

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